Grandmaster Kim Soo With Texas Senate Proclamation


Timeline of Honors and Awards

1951 Grandmaster Kim begins martial arts study with Mr. Won of Masan, Korea

1953 Grandmaster Kim earns 1st-degree Black Belt from Nam Sok Lee, in Chang Moo Kwan style of Kong Soo Do in Seoul, Korea

1954 Founds Kong Soo Do club at Joong Ang High School in Seoul

1957-63 Founds Kwon Bop Martial Arts club at Han Kuk University of Foreign Studies

1957 Joins Kang Duk Won Mudo Association; studies under Master Park, Chull Hee

----Joins Kang Mu Kwan Yu Do (Judo); studies under Grandmaster Han, Jin-Hee

----Graduates from Joong Ang High School in Seoul

1958 Teaches Special Police Detachment of first Korean President, Syng Man Rhee

1959 Student President, National Student Tae Kwon Do Union

1961 Teaches hand-to-hand combat training for Republic of Korea Army, Eighth Division

----Organizes the Korea Tae Soo Do under the Korean Amateur Athletic Association

1962 (November 11) Promoted 5th Dan at first promotion contest of the Korea Tae Soo Do Association

1963 March - Received a merit citation from HUFS at the graduation ceremony.

1963 Graduates from HUFS. BA Degree in Russian language and literature

----Founds Korean Tae Kwon/Karate Academy, Seoul, Korea

1964 Becomes Chief Instructor, Kang Duk Won Martial Arts Association, Seoul

----Founds karate club at Kon Kuk University, Seoul

----Grandmaster Kim studies Spanish for 6 months in anticipation of a trip to Bogata, Columbia S.A. as part of an exchange professor program to American University; the trip is canceled, but skills in Spanish would eventually prove useful in Houston

1964-67 First Korean editor and correspondent for Black Belt Magazine, regularly exposing Korean martial arts to world for first time in western international media

1964-67 Chief Instructor, Eighth U.S. Army and HQ I Corps, U. S. Army

1965: Found Korea Taekwon-Karate Academy of KangDuk-Won Mudo Association, Seoul, Korea

1967 Promoted 6th-degree Black Belt by the Korea Tae Kwon Do Association, Amateur Athletic Association

1968 January 16, Grandmaster Kim arrives in Houston TX

----(June) Receives 'Preference 3rd Case' permanent visa from the Immigration and Naturalization service; accepted as 'Professor for American Karate Teachers'

----In September, after guest-instructing and presenting numerous demonstrations throughout the U.S., Grandmaster Kim Soo (then 28, and a sixth-degree Black Belt) founds Kim Soo College of Taekwon-Karate in Houston (at 1615 Clay Street, downtown); today it's the oldest continuous Martial Arts school in Texas

----Promoted 7th. Dan, Kang Duk Won Martial Arts Association, Korea

1969 Founds karate clubs at Rice University, and University of Houston/Main Campus, Houston, TX

1970 August 15, receives citation from Korean government, for his contribution to elevating the Korean national image in the world

----Birth of the Chayon-Ryu teaching method; Grandmaster Kim puts into practice his vision of the 'Natural Way' martial arts system

----In September, Chayon-Ryu officially and legally incorporated

1972-73 Founds karate clubs at Texas Southern University and University of St. Thomas

1973 Joins faculty at University of Houston/Main Campus, and begins three Tuesday-Thursday martial arts classes in P.E. Department

----Grandmaster Kim receives 7th-degree Black from Korea Tae Kwon Do Association, and 7th-degree Black Belt from World Tae Kwon Do Federation

----Grandmaster Kim publishes Palgue 1, 2, 3, which also includes history of Korean dynasties, and of the traditional Korean martial arts

----Grandmaster Kim receives 6th-degree Black from Korea Hapkido Association

1974 Publication of Palgue 4, 5, 6

1976 Publication of Palgue 7 & 8: Black Belt Requirements

1979 Grandmaster Kim receives 8th-degree Black Belt from Kang Duk Kwon; Kwon Bop Association; Korea Tae Kwon Do Association; World Tae Kwon Do Federation

1980 Included in Who's Who in Houston

1981 Joins faculty at Rice University and begins teaching Monday-Wednesday class in P.E. department

1983 Included in Martial Arts: Traditions, History, and People

----Included in Who's Who in American Martial Arts, 2nd Edition

----Included in International Register of Profiles, 7th Edition

1984 Grandmaster Kim receives first Summa Cum Laude Professor citation at Rice University (this has been repeated many times through the years)

----Included in International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievements

1985 Grandmaster Kim receives 9th-degree Black Belt from Master Park Chull Hee, Kang Duk Kwon; Kwon Bop Association

----Included in International Book of Honor, 2nd Edition

1986 Named by South Korean President Chun, Du Hwan, to serve on the Committee for the Reunification of Korea, an international "think tank" of leaders (term concluded in 1993)

----In June, Grandmaster Kim serves as Tae Kwon Do Coordinator for U.S. Olympic Festival '86 in Houston; this event, under leadership of Chayon-Ryu women Black Belts, reportedly sells more tickets than any prior Tae Kwon Do event in the history of North America, and is sold out both evenings

1988 9th-degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Hong Jong Pyo, Taekwon Kwon Bop, Central YMCA, Seoul

----January 16 proclaimed "Grandmaster Kim Soo Day" by Houston Mayor Kathryn J. Whitmire, honoring Grandmaster Kim's 20 years in the city

----Grandmaster Kim named "Best Karate Instructor in Houston" by a three-county Readers' Poll in the Houston Press

1992 Grandmaster Kim's three UH classes (now the largest P. E. Karate class in the world) enroll 60% women (average 150 students each class)

1993 On January 16, Grandmaster Kim celebrates 25th Anniversary of his arrival from Korea, and the beginning of Chayon-Ryu dream; Houston Mayor Bob Lanier presents him with a proclamation setting aside "Grandmaster Kim Soo Silver Anniversary Day" in Houston

----On July 16 Grandmaster Kim is honored by Texas Governor Ann Richards for his 25 years of dedication and service

----Houston Mayor Bob Lanier proclaims November 6 as "Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association Silver Anniversary Day" in Houston

----25 years teaching commended by U.S. President Bill Clinton, "I am pleased to commend you on your special contributions to our nation."

----In June Grandmaster Kim makes his first trip to Russia to demonstrate Chayon-Ryu at an International Martial Arts tournament in St. Petersburg

----In December, Houston Mayor Bob Lanier appoints Grandmaster Kim as an official 'Goodwill Ambassador' to Russia

----In December, Houston Mayor Bob Lanier appoints Grandmaster Kim as an official 'Goodwill Ambassador' for the City of Houston

1994 In February Grandmaster Kim returns to Russia to teach classes, demonstrate, conduct seminars in St. Petersburg, and to officiate as the first oriental Grandmaster in an Siberian Martial Arts tournament

----Grandmaster Kim becomes Martial Arts program supervisor at Houston Community College and North Harris Community College

----In August Grandmaster Kim returns to Russia to conduct training seminars and organize a new Chayon-Ryu branch in Pedro Dborez, St. Petersburg

----In November Grandmaster Kim is promoted to 10th degree Red Belt by his Senior Grandmaster, Hong Jong Pyo, Taekwon Kwon Bop, Central YMCA, Seoul

1995Grandmaster Kim is contracted by the City of Houston to provide martial arts classes in six venues of the Houston Housing Authority. This and a second contract last through October l995.

1996 In March, Grandmaster Kim is honored by Houston Mayor Bob Lanier for hosting the first training retreat of the Byung-In Martial Arts Friendship Assocation. This association is open only to masters and grandmasters who have trained in the Chinese arts taught by Grandmaster Byung In, Yoon.

----In May Grandmaster Kim is honored by the Mayor of Salisbury, North Carolina, for the first middle-school P.E. credit classes of Chayon-Ryu to be taught in the U.S.

----In June, Grandmaster Kim Soo is selected as a listee in Who's Who in the South and Southwestern U.S., and is selected as martial arts columnist for a new publication in English, Houston Asian Times.

----In August, Grandmaster Kim is chosen to lead Ambassadors of the Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation l996 World Leadership Congress, at Rice University, in fundamental Chayon-Ryu exercises. These sophomores in high school represent all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries and are chosen for their exceptional leadership potential.

1997 CBS "Inside Edition" featured Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts with a demonstration by Grandmaster Kim Soo and Master Geary.

----In February, Grandmaster Kim Soo is chosen as a listee in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, owing to his outstanding credentials in the field of education.

----On May 24, Grandmaster Kim Soo was inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame, as "Grandmaster of the Year." Chayon-Ryu was chosen as "Best School" in Texas for l997 as well. A permanent display will be included in the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco

----In June, Grandmaster Kim is inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, in Pennsylvania as "Karate Grandmaster of the Year" in America and receives the "Lifetime Achievement Award of Honor" for training and teaching more than 30 years in the Martial Arts

----In September, Grandmaster Kim is inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida, as "Texas Grandmaster of the Year 1997"

1997-99 Included in Marquis Who's Who in the South and Southwest US

1998 Included in Outstanding People of the 20th Century, England

----Included in Marquis Who's Who in the World

----Commemorative letter from President Bill Clinton, Texas Governor George W. Bush, and Houston Mayor Bob Lanier celebrating Kim Soo's Diamond (30th) Anniversary in the United States

2000 In January Grandmaster Kim was awarded the "Diamond Crystal Spirit" award from the 1999 International Black Belt Hall of Fame. which also inducted him as a major influence of the 20th Century in Martial Arts.

----On April 9, Grandmaster Kim received a Silver Commemorative Plate from the World Martial Arts League in Frankfurt, Gremany, which also inducted him as Supreme Grandmaster of the year in the Millennium Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

----In July Grandmaster Kim was selected as "Supreme Grandmaster of the Year" by the U.S. Martial Arts Association and inducted as such in its "2000 Hall of Fame"

----In August Grandmaster Kim's 480 page Chayon-Ryu Teekwondo book was published in Russia by a Moscow firm. This is the first martial arts book in Russian, the arts having been outlawed during communism. Subsequent to this, a two-page article was published in both the Evening Omsk (Siberia) and Sports Weekly newspapers. The two-page article has resulted in an outpouring of questions by the Russian public; Grandmaster Kim is currently answering these queries for future publication.


2002 Became an Advisor for Asia Houston Network

2003 January - Grandmaster Kim became an Advisor for the Korean Taek Kyon Association in Seoul, Korea

----February - Grandmaster Kim received a Leadership Citation from Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

----February - Grandmaster received a 35th Anniversary Proclamation of Excellence from Houston Mayor Lee Brown.

----February - Grandmaster received a 35th Anniversary Proclamation of Excellence from Houston City Council Member Mark Goldberg.

----February - Grandmaster received a 35th Anniversary Proclamation of Excellence from Houston City Council Member Michael Berry.

----May - KHOU, Ch. 11 recognizes Grandmaster Kim Soo as a cornerstone
in the Houston community and as part of Asian-Pacific Heritage month by
airing a month-long television spot highlighting his efforts.

2004 Feb. 3 - Grandmaster received a 36th Anniversary Proclamation of Excellence from Mayor Bill White.

----March - The Korean television news channel, YTN, included Grandmaster Kim Soo and Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts in their "Lifestyle of Martial Arts" program as part of their 10th anniversary special edition.

----August 11 - Lecture on the history and principles of martial arts at the National Cultural Museum at Kyong Bok Palace in Seoul, Korea.

----October - Listed in the 2005 22nd edition of "Who's Who in the World."

2005 April - Grandmaster Kim Soo participated in the celebration ceremony of the 50th Anniv. of the establishment of Taekwondo in Pyong Yang, D.P.R.Korea.

----May 23 - Grandmaster Kim Soo became Senior Technical Advisor to

----Aug. - Grandmaster Kim Soo is recognized for "Lifelong Contributions to Education" by Catawba College.

----Dec. - Grandmaster Kim Soo traveled to Seoul, Korea to meet family members of Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In for the first time and was able to gather important information about him.

2007 April 6 - G.M Kim Soo was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame as "Pioneer Journalist & Historian". It marks his achievement as the first Korean correspondent to Black Belt Magazine, reporting martial arts news from Korea to the world.

2008Jan. - Grandmaster Kim Soo received a proclamation from Houston Mayor Bill White and Houston City Council on the Ruby (40th) Anniversary of the founding of Kim Soo Karate. See Video

----Jan. - Issue of Black Belt Magazine, pp100-105. Article title is, “Korean Martial Arts History: Black Belt’s Former Korea Correspondent Kim Soo Lifts the Veil of Secrecy!”

2009 Dec - Grandmaster Kim Soo promotes Master Santiago Rangel and Master Sean Kim to 8th Dan.


Grandmaster Kim Soo becomes an instructor at Busan YMCA self defense club

2010 Jan. 16th - Grandmaster Kim Soo received a proclamation from the Texas Senate in recognition of his 42nd anniversary.

----Apr. 24th - Grandmaster Kim Soo received an award from the U.S. Taekwondo Grandmasters Society for Literary Achievement. See photographs from the award ceremony.

----Jun-Nov Chayonryu instruction at Busan Central YMCA, S. Korea

----Dec. Chayonryu DVD filmed on Karate, Kwon-Beop, Self-defense

2011 April 16 - Speech at the U.S.Taekwondo Grandmasters Society in L.A.

----June - Seminar and class at Sport For All Busan Association (Olympic Memorial Community Hall), Busan, Korea

----July 26 - Demo at the International Youth Judo Championships at the Dong-A Univ. Busan, Korea

----Teaching Fall Semester at the Dong-Eui University, College of Sport Science, Busan, Korea

----Black Belt Magazine(September) features GM Kim Soo's article "Taekwondo For Health: Train Smart Now and Your Body Will Thank You Later"

2012 Sept: Participation and demo at XII ASFAA Congress 2012, Delhi, India

----Grandmaster Kim Soo is an instructor at Sports For All Busan Association, Korea

----Grandmaster Kim Soo is an instructor at College of Sport Science, Dongeui University, Busan, Korea

----In order to preserve Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In's Kwon-Beop legacy, Grandmaster Kim Soo was invited by TKD Promotion Foundation Inc. to Yong-In University to demonstrate most of the Kwon-Beop Hyungs and pre-arranged sparring technique for film.

----Grandmaster Kim Soo received the Certificate of Donation (No. 12-006) for the supply of old historical articles written by him as the regional correspondent of Korea during 1960's for Black Belt Magazine.

2013 January 16th - Grandmaster Kim Soo received a proclamation from Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Houston City Council on the Saphire (45th) Anniversary of the founding of Kim Soo Karate. See Video and Photos

----May 24th - Texas Senate resolution #989 was presented to Grandmaster Kim Soo in the Texas Senate Chamber of the Texas Capitol in Austin on Friday, May 24. He was recognized for the 45th anniversary of his arrival in Houston and for founding Chayon-Ryu martial art system. He was honored for his outstanding accomplishments and many contributions to our community. The resolution was sponsored by Senator John Whitmire, the Dean of the Texas Senate and the longest-serving senator in Texas. His district includes Spring Branch where the Chayon-Ryu headquarters is located. Photos | Video on YouTube

----Grandmaster Kim Soo is an instructor at SABA (Sports For All Busan Association), Busan, S. Korea

----Grandmaster Kim Soo teaches a 10 weeks course in Self Defense at Haegang Middle School, Busan, S. Korea

----Grandmaster Kim Soo teaches "Art of Self Defense" at the College of Sport Science, Dong-Eui University

2016 September - Instruction to Demo team of Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation)
GM. Yoon Byung-in Kwon-Beop ( Hanson Daeryon and Jangkwon Hyung). See Photos

----October - Grandmaster Kim Soo Day Proclamation from mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner. See Photos

2018 April: Received the proclamation from Texas Senate #478  for the  50th Anniversary of Chayon-Ryu martial arts in Houston

----September- Grandmaster Kim Soo Day named Black Belt Magazine’s Instructor of the Year